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Divining for Water Works! Peter has successfully located 1050 bore holes, wells and springs

True International Dowser... over the years I have travelled to Italy, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Texas USA, Zambia to do dowsing work for clients. I have also done map dowsing work  for clients in Spain, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Romania, Italy, France, Ireland, Zambia and Tanzania.

Sinking a borehole?
Questions you must ask your driller first

April 2009 master water diviner Peter successfully located three separate sources of water for clients with less than a quarter mile between them in Llansilin


Water diviner Peter Taylor is an award winning professional dowser with 30 years of experience.
During this time he has located over 1050 boreholes, wells and springs. Chairman of the Water and Special interest Dowsing group of the BSD, he is on BSD Professional Register of Practising Dowsers for water, concealed site features, archaeology, natural resources - (oil, gas and minerals inc. gold),and site energies (healing sick buildings, geopathic stress, and map dowsing.)

Peter is insured as a dowsing consultant and advisor for finding natural water supplies including oil & gas fields and gold deposits. for further info see and

"I am extremely impressed with the thoroughness and the way you have located a new gold vein at the Clogau Gold Mine " more...
Do you need a professional water diviner? Would you like to learn to how to dowse?  Peter can help you - just call him on 01352 754052 or drop him a line at
'I believe that dowsing is a gift from God which should be used for the benefit of  mankind, which should not be abused
This does not mean to say that you cannot make a living out of it as long as you do not abuse the gift.  Why do I call it a "gift from god" because if you look at the references on this web site where I have worked from home and had information confirmed as far away as Australia regarding my suggestions of oil and gas in the area and a geologist out there on site has confirmed it.   Another instance is Cloddeu Gold Mine, again working from home I have been able to mark out gold deposits in that mine before I even went to the mine and I have had that confirmed by references which are  also on my web site.  Less

Can't get to Wales?

You can learn at a distance with these educational DVDs

60 minute long video

Down to Earth Dowsing series
disc 1 and 2 available for 12 each
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One-to-one tuition is an efficient way to learn, and Peter is able to offer  this to you at a realistic price. Please email or phone him if you are interested.

Some comments from Peter's latest course;
"Peter was so enthusiastic it was hard not to be drawn in - and be enthusiastic also"

'Interesting and informative weekend ... pleasant and balanced delivery of course content presented in a
hands-on manner'

'Peter is very passionate about water dowsing ... I learnt more than I expected in two days, many thanks to Peter...'

map dowsing

Zambian wells -success so far

Each year Peter volunteers for two weeks in Zambia paying for it from his own funds. There he works locating the precise location for new wells to be sunk using his skills in water divining

Map dowsing is a very useful skill to have to enable you to work from home, on a site anywhere in the world. It helps you to narrow down the target area for what you are looking for. This saves you time and your clients money. For example... More

Peter understands how important it is for potential clients to have solid evidence of competency, he has references reproduced on his website, and can arrange for you to view the originals.
"successfully located the position of what has now been named Cinders Mine, solely by using his skills as a Dowser" Grosvenor Caving Club

'Peter Taylor is currently helping three oil companies(under contract). He has also performed dowsing and divining work previously for  Chevron 1993 (extracts from letter)'the seismic line which you indicated crossed through oil and oil/gas reservoirs does in fact do so. The Alba oil field which comes on stream this month, was in higher of the two highlighted contains the Britannia gas condensate field. This is a mixture of oil and gas'...Click here for the latest information on the Alba oil field and the Britannia oil and gas field

He has also previously carried out dowsing work for Dow Chemicals, Calypso Soft Drinks, Jet Rod, Clwyd County Council, and Listers Geotechnical amongst others.

"...thankyou for your expertise in identifying a gas/oil were able to define to contours depths and content potential of the field..."

Additionally, as a former tutor for the British Society of Dowsers, Peter delivers courses on water dowsing from beginner to professional level.

 If you are interested in attending these courses please click here or on the teaching tab at the top of the page.You are encouraged to phone or email to discuss your dowsing requirements.

Happy dowsing

Peter Taylor

Workshops diary 2012 

Water dowsing in the UK
dowsing and caving Volunteer work at bath house

Read an excerpt from 'A Book of English Magic' to which Peter recently contributed.