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Update 2017 - On my experiences in United Arab Emirates

This is my second trip to United Arab Emirates in February 2017 which was very successful having drilled a borehole which the driller told me it was the largest source of water he had ever seen which was nice to know.

The flow at the initial hours of pumping test was 76 m3/h (281 Gallons per minute) and at the end of 24 hours of pumping, it was 47 m3/h (174 Gallons per minute). The quality of the water is excellent and the company concerned have told me that it is the largest flow found in the country this year.
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2016 Updates

I was approached in September 2016 by a water company in the United Arab Emirates who wanted my help in locating water, which I agreed to do. I started with a Google earth map survey of the area, and I marked out all potential sources of water. In that part of the world their rainfall is minimal.

My next step was to visit the site, which took place during October 2016, I was there for fourteen days, I located 12 potential water sources in the area. This was done at the highest point of rainfall, during October, as yet these sites have not been drilled. There are procedures that have to be adhered to which are to get permission from the area authorities and land owners, then extraction can then take place.

As water is so scarce in hot countries with so little rainfall, it is always critical to find water, everyone is searching for it and drilling in their own areas and the problem is that the water table is shrinking faster each year because more water is being extracted than is being replaced by natural seepage and rainfall. In the area I was working in, the rock formations are mostly old limestone and the water table areas vary from 850ft to the first source and other sources can be as deep as 1600ft or more. This is why water is so precious in this region. The mountain regions are covered with small villages and towns all of which have many boreholes drilled chasing the elusive water. I will update you as and when they inform me of drilling taking place.


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