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How can dowsing be useful in archaeology?

On an archaeological dig, having an experienced dowser check over an area beforehand can save a lot of time . The dowser can ascertain where specific remains are liable to be found, giving the archaeologist valuable insight into where the dig should be focussed. Dowsers can ascertain where the walls of buildings used to be, or where graves are likely to be found. Basically if you are able to name and describe something that existed the dowser can find where it was.

When Peter dowses for archaeological purposes he approaches the job in much the same way as for any other dowsing job. First he ensures he is totally familiar with the things he is searching for, and he then does an initial search using map dowsing before visiting the site

So for instance if someone has asked him to do a map search for roman archaeology he needs to know all about that time period so that he can picture the roman soldiers and their families. Then in a peaceful quiet place with no distractions he concentrates on that time period, as if going back in time mentally   Once that is done, he is able to concentrate on looking for roman roads, fortresses, burial sites and artefacts. Once the map dowse has revealed something he can then go to the next stage which is a site visit and remembering what he has done on the map dowse he then puts it into practice on site.


It is possible for a dowser to dowse back in time providing they have full knowledge of the subject they seek. In other words, if you are searching for a Roman building for example you would study the Roman lifestyle at that time in history. This has been successful in my experience.


Again, it is possible to go forward in time by dowsing. For example, it is possible if you concentrate hard enough you could ask the question if it was going to rain where you live in the next hour or so and the pendulum would respond and let you know. Again, this has been successful in my experience. I must point out that if you do decide to pursue these subject it is always wise to ask ‘May I, Can I, should I’. If any one of these questions are answered ‘NO’ please do not go ahead.


Peter is happy to discuss archaeological dowsing with you - just call him on  01352 754052 or you can email him.