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You will see above a map showing a desert called Akchar in Mauritania which shows an area of stationary water trapped like a lake beneath the ground. As a guide I have put the depth counts and quantities which can be recovered but to do this kind of work I would have to be out on site to pinpoint the area. This water will not replenish itself as it has been trapped probably since before the last ice age but with careful use the water could be tapped into for survival purposes. This is one of two in Mauritania.

Work like this I am happy to do for charity organisations to help them. All I would need is for the charity in question to pay all my travelling expenses including flights to the location/s and return to the UK also expenses for my accommodation whilst I am on site. My time whilst at the site locating the water sources would be free of charge.

List of some Countries so far who have locations of water and I have details of are as follows:

  • Sudan North Africa - Major Faults
  • Gaza Strip - major source of water in that area
  • Yemen - major source of water
  • Rub Al Khali Dessert - major source of water supply which could be tapped into which I have marked out
  • Kalahari Dessert - There are at least 3 sources of water which could be got at by a borehole location. These are in Namibia.
  • Australia - 3 locations. One is in the Gibson Desert, one in the Great Sandy Desert and the other one is in the Simpson Desert.
  • Maurtania - There are 3 deserts in this area, one is in Akchar, one in the Trarza, and the third one is in El Djouf desert
  • Libya There is one the Lybian Desert and a further source in the Sea of Sand Desert
  • Sudan There are 2 water sources here this is also in the Lybian Desert
  • Afganistan There is one water source here in the Margo Desert
  • China There is one water source in the Takimakon Desert
  • Mongolia There is one water source here in the Gobi Desert
  • Uzbekistan There is a water source in the Qizilqum Desert
  • Syria There is a water source in the Syrian Desert
  • India There is a water source in Thar Desert
  • Kenya There is one source in the Chalbi Desert
  • Egypt There is one source here in the Western Desert
  • USA There is one source here in Big Bend Desert

I can do all this work because of total dedication, and studying and research for over 30 years and using my gift wisely.