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Fracking can take place with guidance.

The safe way to do fracking is by using me and my technique combined with a geologist and to work it out together on whether there are a minimum of three separate layers of igneous rock between the ancient water table and the potential oil/gas fields. This would help to allow for accidental fractures from the fracking to occur in one or possibly two of the impervious zones only. The third one would have to remain safe and no contamination to take place for this to work. I think there is a way to do this by using me and my technique to check out with the geology of the rock formation between the ancient water table and the potential oil/gas fields.

Furthermore my input would help to locate the oil fields beneath the ground plus locating the ancient water zones if they do cross the oil field. This method would be to intercept the oil away from the ancient water zones by remote viewing it is possible to mark out the ancient water table and if and where it crosses the oil field beneath the ground. A graph could then be worked out by the geologist and with the help of my technique of map surveying and the calculations given by myself and the geologist to work out the layers of rocks porous and non porous it can be possible to drill a borehole either side and a safe distance from the ancient water table down into the oil field/gas field without damaging the ancient water table.

We can also determine and work out if there is any potential faults or fractures within the structures in the given area. The map shows a potential oil field below the ground. An ancient water zone and graph shown how it would work outside. This is only remote surveying of the site needless to say we would have to confirm the locations and the drilling trials to confirm the geology with a site visit.

Map number 1 shows the ancient water zone crossing the potential oil field and marked out with a cross within a circle is the drilling location avoiding the ancient water zone.

Fracking Map 1

Map number 2 shows a side elevation giving the impervious rock areas and the sedimentary rock layers from the surface down to the potential oil field.

Fracking Map 2

Map number 3 shows potential drilling areas into the oil field away from the ancient water zone. The faults have forced the rock of the sedimentary rock up pushing the impervious rock up and sideways away creating the trap for the ancient water table to rise into it.

Fracking Map 3