dowsing water, noble minerals, oil/gas fields, geopathic stress using advanced map dowsing

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 Dowsing for Oil in Namibia
our oil dowsing expedition began in the bustling town of Winkhoek where I stayed for a day before travelling into the bush.
wide open roads to bush
fossil evidence

We found much sedimentary rock both sandstone and limestone on our travels. This is exciting news as we now believe that there could have been a shallow sea in the search area. This helps to back up oir suspicions of oil and gas fields beneath the ground. Further technical research also indicates similar conclusions in the search area. Updates will follow as the results from tests come through

Some of the geological finds from the trip...



Wetted sedimentary rock shows vegetation in sharper relief

   sunset over the bush 



Further updates will be added as the results of the the technical tests come through to us.