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 Research on Water

Research on Ground Water - What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is found in great quantitites which fill the spaces between grains or soil or rock as the rock acts as a filtration system for the water. It flows slowly through the aquifers; The groundwater connects with the rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands; it also feeds trees and vegetation. For example Australia is a very old continent, and much of its groundwater is tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years old; In some cases these sources of water are trapped within different layers of rock this is what we call “static” or stationary” or “primary” sources of water as the water does not move beneath the ground as it is in a trapped structure between the layers of rock.

The free water movement is as it says “free”, it is within the rock but it is also on a moving process so it is not trapped; It goes into the strata by gravity and also freeflowing and travels through the strata and comes up as a spring and potential wells; Even in this process it still goes through a filtration system within the rock which processes the purity of the water. We still call this groundwater.

Other groundwater sources are called “shatter zones”, “fracture zones”, “flow Aquas”, and “faults”.

So as you can see all forms of life depend on groundwater for survival. This why groundwater is so important.

Like surface water, groundwater can become polluted or cotaminated. Despite the importance groundwater is poorly understood and oftern undervalued. As diviners/dowsers, such as myself, we realise the importance of the value of all types of waters including groundwater to exploration purposes such as boreholes and wells.

Research on Groundwater

What is Groundwater

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Recent research done by my Local Group “Global Dowsers North Wales” together with Clive Thompson, who is a well respected dowser/diviner and also a past President of the BSD, who gave us a talk a few years ago about a source of water which cannot be found by normal dowsing techniques/methods. What Clive Thompson explained was that in laymans terms that if there was static or stationary water trapped within the strata beneath your feet you will never find it by dowsing/diving by traditional methods. He explained that only if they stamped their feet or jumped up and down or preferably a vehicle or machinery moving nearby making vibrations which then trasmits and activates the water down into the ground and creates a sizemix reaction down to the strata then back up which in turn activates the energies of the water beneath the ground within the strata then the dowser/diviner can then walk across the area picking up that type of water and as soon as the machinery stops and the vibrations stops the rods also stop working so there could be water beneath the ground that we are not aware of and which we are not able to find with traiditional dowsing/diving methods including remote map surveying which will also not be picked up on the map because of the way that we do remote map surveying we are only able to pick up the wavelengths of water which is moving on the google earth map but also when we are on site as I have said earlier we can now locate static/stationary water when making vibtrations on the ground itself. This static/stationary water is not everywhere and it is also not renewable so once it is gone it is gone. In some cases the strata that this type of water will be in could be more than 5,000 years or 10,000 years ago or even more beyond back in time and as we said it does not replenish itself that is the difference between natural moving water within the strata and static water.



As the Local Authorities said that a non biased project or research and done independently.

I am surprised and dismayed that after these failures by some of our worlds best dowsers at the time failed such a task and that after these trials nobody bothered to try and find out why these failures happened. I even asked the British Society of Dowsers and they come back and said that they had no idea.

So this leads me onto our group in North Wales called “Global Dowsers North Wales” which I run. I put this to our group and we agreed to do some experiments ourselves.

After reading both articles there are so many questions which are left unanswered such as:

(1) how often did the individual dowsers/diviners do a test in one hour and also; (2) In the Munich trials only one small pipe was used on top of a vehicle and the Australian trials, 10 pipes were used partly above ground and below ground that the divider/dowser had to find out if the water moving was there or not but neither article tells you (a) how much gap was between each pipe when dowsing took place and (b) how much water was moving through the pipes at the time of testing.

 (3) In the Australian article each separate pipe was turned off individually e.g. if you have say, 4 pipes then turn one of these 4 pipes off and leave the other 3 flowing.  The dowser then had to find out which pipe had been turned off out of the 4 pipes, which most of them failed to do according to the people who was running the experiment.  In the Munich Trials it was just a vehicle moving up and down with the pipe on top of it. (4) the time factor between each pipe was turned off for a while and then turned back on for the dowser to check to see if the water was still flowing or not and the dowser would not know which pipe was flowing or not and the dowser would have to say which pipe was actually flowing.  In the Munich trials the dowser had to try and find where the vehicle had been moved to with the pipe on. (5) Both articles at the time do not tell you the size of the pipe used and volume of water being driven through the pipe systems which is important to know because the dowser is also looking for the volume of water moving through the pipe.


The dowser/diviner asked to check for the pipe because as most of us diviners know, water gives off energies when it is moving which the dowser picks up whether it is in piping or beneath the ground. . The water itself is energised by the movement of the water. When the water is cut off the energy of the water dies down slowly and becomes static or stationary water which the dowser cannot pick up.

This may have been one of the reasons why they had failed. They do not specify why these dowsers failed.

The energy fields within the water source, did anyone ever consider that? As that is what the dowser/diviner searches for is the energy field on the water.

Below you will see a piece of the Report that I have obtained please look at the full report through the internet to draw your own conclusions if you so wish.

Please also see below the results of Global Dowsers North Wales Trials.




Global Dowsers North Wales and myself have done some research on the reasons why this failure may have occurred on such a big scale but what had been reported in the article as above there are questions that still need to be answered.



Testing Dowsing: The Failure of the Munich Experiments


J.T. Enright

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 23.1, January / February 1999

German physicists concluded from their massive experimental study that water dowsers unquestionably have a remarkable, mysterious skill. Those results, however, provide the most convincing disproof imaginable that dowsers can do what they claim.

A given dowser was tested in a sequence of from 5 to 15 single tests (typically 10), which typically took about an hour. During the two-year program in the barn, the forty-three selected dowsers participated in 843 single tests, grouped into 104 test-series of this sort. Some dowsers undertook only a single test series, selected others underwent more than ten test series.........


Global Dowsers North Wales and myself have done some research on the reasons why this failure may have occurred on such a big scale but what had been reported in the article as above there are questions that still need to be answered.

What the group did was that we set out plastic piping of 4 lengths of 30 meter each length of half inch piping plus the connections to turn on and turn off each individual pipe system. The pump rate was only one gallon per minute.  This was flowing water which is energised by the movement of water going through the pipe. In some cases the dowsers were blindfolded and in other cases we just walked across the pipes.

The results we obtained were very interesting as we found out that even after 15 minutes after the pipe had been turned off without the dowsers knowledge, the dowser still got a reaction that the water was still there and this happened to most of our dowsers in the group. We believe that what is happening is that when the water is moving through the pipe the dowser picks up the energy wavelengths from the water within the pipe. Once the pipe has been turned off the energy still remains coming out of the pipe which the dowser will still pick up and does not fade until 15 to 20 minutes after the pipe had been turned off. This could well be one of the reasons why so many good dowsers failed in the Munich and Australian Trials as it depends on the size of the volume of water moving in gallons per minute and the size of the pipes.  The bigger the pipe and the bigger the volume of water flowing through the pipe, the longer the time lapse of energy will take, the longer it takes to disperse from the pipe that has been turned off.  So with the group using a half inch pipe and a smaller flow rate to do the test.  When the pipe was switched off, the water was active 15 to 20 minutes after the pipe was turned off.

Imagine if the piping was bigger than the half inch piping trials that we used. The time lapse between the energy dying within the pipe would be longer the wider the pipe because the energy is greater in a bigger pipe.

As regards the Munich Trials and the dowsers failing on locating the pipes it does not say in the article how often the pipe was moved in the barn before the dowser could do the trial and also the dimensions of the pipe or pipes.

Because another problem is that when a pipe system is set up it also gives off an image and energies of where it is to the dowser even though it has been moved to another location , there will be a false image of itself in the original place from where it has been moved from for a period of time before it fades away.

Do not hesitate to contact me via email as I would appreciate your thoughts concerning the article and my own thoughts.

Research on Water Dowsing



My colleague and myself spent some time together in Zambia in 2007/08.

My colleague had started research into earth energies and transformation of water before I knew him. We became good friends in 2007 when we both visited Zambia and I became interested in his work and we worked together for many years after our Zambian visit.

We did studies over in Zambia in the orphanages which we did trials on what he called “the transformation of water”.

What this does it changes the water to drinking water by changing the pH, the taste of it becomes better, not as sharp more softer, and more importantly so far the trials have shown that it helps the person, especially the children as the water helps the them to recover after they have been sick.

The aim that we wanted whilst visiting Zambia all those years ago,was to succeed in reducing the death rate of adults and children and still what we did all those years ago is still helping those people to improve the life expectancy of the children and adults because in those days from one to five year old children 50% were dying either because of lack of clean water or/and other health reasons such as diarrhoea etc.

What my colleague has created is a transformation of water using what he called “the egg” the egg was made out of copper and silver on in the inside. We set up a structure to hold the egg in position. It had to be in the correct position for the water to be transformed and changed into beneficial water for treatment. We had to mark out the centre of the earth energy spiral which would be beneath the ground coming up so at that point we connect the egg to it.

The other important factor was that we had to find and locate the cosmic energies coming through towards the ground.

Where the two collide, in other words the cosmic energy coming in from the sky to the ground and the earth energy spiral coming up where these two connect or cross is the point where the egg is set.

Where the two collide it creates an atom effect on the water as one will rotate one way and the other rotates the opposite way creating a reaction within the water.

We found that this method with a time factor of the transformation within the egg once reached maturity it is then time to use it as treatment for the sick children and adults.

Between that and locating the water in Zambia we were able to improve the success rate of recovery from illness of the children from one to five year old is now 70% success rate and only 30% failure which is good news for all concerned and long may it continue with other dowsers following through.