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Zambian wells

My second visit to Zambia, September 2008, by Peter Taylor

We landed at Lusaka Airport and stayed at the Charisma Hotel for two days. During that time we were negotiating for transport to cover our stay in Zambia. There were three teams of dowsers involved in the work.

The three teams went to Kaoma in the Western Province, where our team helped two orphanages by locating potential wells for clean water. Two sets of swings, two sets of slides, and two roundabouts were donated by The Inner Wheel, (which is part of the Rotary organisation, which also sponsors Village Water) to improve the quality of the lives of the children.

On the outskirts of Kaoma our team also helped a school of 300 children, where a new school was being built, but they had no water. We located a potential well for them. I can now confirm that this well was successful, along with the others.

We stayed in Kaoma for one week. During that week we also helped three other villages with potential wells. We inspected two wells in a which were hand-dug in 2006, one turned out to be dry and the other one had too much iron content within the source. This meant you could taste the iron when it was drunk. The problem has now been resolved and a new sweet water well is in that area for that village.

Then we spent a further week in Mongu, where we located five new wells and inspected five wells already in production. During that week we also travelled down to Senanga and worked on four potential new wells, inspected five existing wells which had been done in 2006 and 2007, plus we went to another orphanage site to look at the possibility of finding water, and looked at the new corn mill which was donated by a British company to help the orphanage.

Village Water tells us that all the potential wells located in 2008 have been successful.

Photographs of this visit to Zambia, plus a diary of what went on are available on a disc for a donation which would go towards raising water for Zambia. This is available by emailing