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  Abenbury Spring Water

further geological information


The decision was made to drill.  The resulting boreholes still provides 25000 litres per hour (2009).

In 1998 Calypso soft drinks asked Peter Taylor Water Diviner to dowse to find a high quality source of drinking water on their site.

Peter made a detailed survey of the area, and was able to give Calypso a report showing that they could access an excellent source of water; an aquifer over 5000 years old trapped under boulder clay which had effectively sealed it off from rainfall.

  calcium 50
  magnesium 24
  potassium 7
  chloride 44
  sulphate 22
  nitrate 0
  aluminium 0
  Ph 7.5
  colony count 0
  total Chlorine 0

Extensive dowsing showed that the water was pristine. This was because it had been trapped before any man-made pollutants existed.

Later, scientific analysis showed that Peter had been correct, the water was of a high enough quality to be deemed natural mineral water, and Abenbury water now has that designation.

The company are happy to recommend Peter Taylor as a water diviner and dowser.