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Date: 15th April 2017 – Intermediate Dowsing/Divining Course
- one day course - Cost £45 per day per person (minimum 6 persons – maximum 10 persons). Starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm. This will be held at Loggerheads Country Park, Denbighshire which there is a fee paying car park. This course we will be, to start with, checking to see if you are using your dowsing tools correctly and then go through the permissions together. Once this has been done and everyone is happy with the procedure and understands everything we will then go through various types of dowsing which starts with learning how our oras are. You will be taught how to dowse other peoples oras with their permission and how to learn to expand the oras by again using your permissions and of course the permission of the other person. Once everyone is comfortable with learning about the ora which everyone has got there will be other forms of earth energies that we will dowse for. You will be told about the black energies and white energies, how to visualise these subjects which are important. You will be shown how to map dowse or map survey locations i.e. checking out on google earth sites of buildings at Loggerheads Country Park for bad energies and we will then go to these buildings and check out where these bad energies are. We will then mark them out with flags, go back to our meeting room and we will learn how to create via remote map surveying colour code systems to deflect the black energies and then we will go back up to the buildings and then re-check the sites again against the map surveying we have done remotely. If you have done the colour coding correctly what should happen is that instead the black energy being there where the flags are you will see the reaction of the black energy has been moved 15 meters or 20 meters away from the building depending on the size of the protection shield you have created. Needless to say I will be with you all of the time and help regarding advice on what colours to use to create the deflection of the black energies. It is also possible to change these energies from black energies into white energies which will be explained in more detail during the course.

The second part of the day will be spent checking out and looking for water sources beneath the ground in the area plus local mines and tunnels to improve your skills on the other dowsing subjects. Later at the end we will have a question and answer session.

There will be a break for lunch please provide this yourself or you can purchase refreshments at Loggerheads which has a lovely cafe there and I will be providing tea, coffee and biscuits during the day at least 3 times.


Date: Saturday 24th /25th June 2017 - Foundation Class – 2 day course - Cost £45 per day per person  (minimum 6 persons - maximum 10 persons). Starting at 10.00am – finish at 4.30pm. This will be held at Loggerheads Country Park, Denbighshire. There is a fee paying car park at the site. We will be looking at the surface river and dowse the underground rivers in the area which are created through swallow holes disappearing from the main surface river into sub-terrianian rivers and work out depths and quantities in that order by practical dowsing on site. The length of the walk involved is approximately 2 ½ miles one way and 2 ½ miles back. In this process you will be shown how to recognise faults and fractures and shatter zones along the cliff faces.

The second day 25 June 2017 meeting again at Loggerheads Country Park starting at 10am and finish at 4.30pm . We will start the morning for the first hour with a questions and answer session relating to the previous day's practical dowsing. From about 11.00am we will then go onto the subject of earth energies in the area. We then have to ask for permissions, “may I, can I, should I” and also checking out how positive we are.

Once we have got approval to continue to dowse for earth energies we will then go through a list of earth energy subjects such as good energies and bad energies and the difference between individual people and how for some people black energies are not good for them and yet the same black energy field is good for other people so there is a variation between different people. You will be taught how to use the wording to get the correct answers. The way wording is placed is vital as it can change the answer you have. We will also go through how to proceed with the map dowsing of sick buildings which will include radon gas, methane gas and other potential detrimental energies which can affect the human being. You will be shown how to use your dowsing techniques with colour codes which can deflect these detrimental energies and in some cases it is possible with good training to change these energies, such as bad eneriges into white energies, this can be done.

Please bring along protective clothing such as waterproofs and wellingtons as we will be walking along some rugged paths during the session. At any time during the day please feel free to ask me any questions and queries that you may have.

There will be a break for lunch please provide this yourself or you can purchase refreshments at Loggerheads which has a lovely cafe there. I will be providing tea, coffee and biscuits during the day at least 3 times.


Date: Saturday 22nd July/23rd 2017 - Master Class
- 2 day course - Cost £45 per day per person (minimum 6 persons - maximum 10 persons). This will be a Master Class to be held at Loggerheads Country Park, Loggerheads, Denbighshire starting at 10.00am and finishing at 4.30pm with a break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch or you can purchase refreshments at Loggerhead where there is a lovely cafe there but coffee and biscuits will be provided during the day. This Master Class will be determined on what the majority of students attending want to learn at this class which can be either water, earth energies, archeology, or healing sick houses and geopathic stress. On saying this the last hour of this Master Class will be devoted and shared for the other students who wish to touch upon other subjects on the first day. This class on the first day will involve using your computer so please bring your laptop along with you which should have google earth downloaded.

The second day 23 July 2017 we will meet at Loggerheads Country Park again at 10am prompt finishing at 4.30pm. We travel to Rhydymwyn Valley Site which is about 3 miles away to do practical dowsing on site to locate where the original River Alyn bed used to flow before it was changed, this is the challenge in relation to what it is today, the alterations of the river bed was done in 1939 to create more room for buildings to be constructed on site. There will also be a challenge to find the existing man-made culvert called the Dolfechlas Brook which flows through the site underground and again there are detrimental energies on this site which you will be asked to check out first of all by remote map surveying and then on site, the remote surveying will take place in a building on the Rhydymwyn site. Finishing time for this day at Rhydymwyn is 2.30pm and arriving no later than 3.00pm at Loggerheads for a final session on any questions that you may have concerning the site visit & finishing the course at 4.30pm.

Once you have completed this and the previous courses you should be capable of moving forward in locating potential water and earth energies for which you will receive a signed Certificate from me.

This particular workshop is also mentioned in the opening information. At any time during the day please feel free to ask me any questions and queries that you may have.

There will be a break for lunch please provide this yourself as there are no cafe facilities at Rhydymwyn. I will be providing tea, coffee and biscuits during the day at least 3 times.

Please contact Peter via email at to book or for further information

Peter's Workshops and Teaching Courses

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Monthly Workshop and Meetings

Peter runs a local group called "Global Dowsers North Wales Group” which was affiliated to the BSD and holds monthly workshop meetings for beginners to professional level – this is a four to five hour course which is held at the moment meetings are held at Loggerhead Country Park, Loggerheads, Denbighshire, North Wales. They are held every first Saturday in the month and you are notified by email the date or any changes to the date of the meetings and what is happening at each meeting. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided. We would appreicate a contribution of £10 per person to cover costs such as hire of the room, the teaching, running of the website Global Dowers North Wales Group, insurance cover, plus refreshments. Start time 9.30am finish at 4.30pm. for the workshop and meeting is £10.00 per person. Times 10am until 4pm. New members welcome please contact Peter by email or phone if you wish to become a member of the Global Dowsers North Wales Group. There is no joining fee just come and enjoy.

Teaching Students a New Way of Water Dowsing

This picture shows a group of students learning a new way of dowsing

8 Hour Day Teaching Courses

Peter also holds group tuition and one to one tuition covering water, oil and gas, gold, and geopathic stress (including dealing with sick buildings). These courses can be from one to four day courses, depending on the student’s ability and experience. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided To find out more information, including costs please ring or e mail Peter.

For accommodation please go onto or

Teaching Class 


Please contact Peter for details

This is the reference I received from a student in 2008 which you might be interested in reading:

Water Dowsing Reference


Peter teaches dowsing from
beginner level through to professional level, and is available for one-to-one teaching. He is on the BSD professional register for water, natural resources (minerals/gold, oil and gas), concealed site features, archaeology and site energies (healing of sick building, geopathic stress, and map dowsing.

The dowsing courses take place at the Rhydymwyn Valley Site Visitors Centre.

These are the certificates presented when you have proven you can find water and/or locate and change geopathic stress. This can also be done by map dowsing so that the energy is changed from bad to good remotely. As I am qualified in all these fields I can give out my own certificates free to the students who prove to me their abilities in the fields of the various dowsing courses which then will also give clients confidence in their abilities.    Please look at the sample certificates available.

The certificates are A4 size, buff coloured and presented in a frame.

Please phone or e-mail to book onto a dowsing course with Peter. 

Rhydymwyn Valley Site Visitors Centre is easily accessible off Nant Alyn Road.

Rhydymwyn Valley Site, Nant Alyn Road, CH7 5HQ


Reasonably priced accommodation is available near the venue at the following places

Trefor Farm
Pen Y Fron Rd
Tel/Fax 01352 740763






















Peter contributed material to 'The Book of English Magic'.

Darkly glittery package for this survey of mysterious England, the country with the richest history of magical lore and practice in the world’ (Bookseller )
'An astonishing and entertaining book'
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‘Well-read, tolerant, perceptive and reader-friendly’
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