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geopathic stress

What You Need to Know When You are Dowsing/Diving


1. It is very important to visualize in your mind what you are looking for as well as using a sample whenever possible, such as when you are practicing the art of water diving it is helpful to use a sample on the end of your dowsing rod or within your pendulum some water or on the end of your V rod, so that when you are thinking and concentrating on a source of water you can also visualize it on your dowsing tool which helps you to concentrate better.

2. When you are on site it is helpful to wet the palm of your hands as this is where the main nervous systems are and by wetting your hands and concentrating you activate the senses which helps you to concentrate as well.

Earth Energies for Sick Buildings

3. Another useful tip is that you can also use colour coding for different types of divining jobs, especially when you are doing remote map surveying of a site, for instance, of a property and you come across detrimental energies to the people or persons who live in that property, sometimes it depends on the diviner/dowser of his ability. I have found that it is possible to mark out the detrimental energies on a google earth plan of the site and then at the next stage we then search for a colour code which will deflect the detrimental energies away from the property in question, for instance, the deflecting of the detrimental energies in your mind you are creating a protective shield around the property, the protective shield has to be at least 3 times greater size than the property you are aiming to protect. The colour codes for this will vary according to the individual as no two dowsers/diviners are the same, what works for one person may not work for the other so the diviner/dowser has to find out which code will suit them. Sometimes the protective shield will just need one colour other times it is two or three colours done as circles, other times they are squares and triangles around the area surrounding the property. It is also important to remember that when you are working on sick houses the visualization comes into play again as you are visualizing the bad energies/detrimental energies going through the property.

4. When you develop further and become into a multi professional or master diviner/dowser you should be able to connect either on site or remotely to a particular detrimental energy going through the property and instead of deflecting the detrimental energy you change and transform the detrimental energy from bad energies into good energies.

5. When doing this process you must find out where the black or bad energy is coming from and where it is going to. Once you are aware of where it is coming from if you are on site you stand in that energy field facing the way that it is coming from and you go through the process of changing it into white energies instead of black energies. You continue doing this until the whole of the black energy is changed into the white energy to its core, then you face to where the black energy was going before you changed it and you continue the process of changing the black energy into white energies which will then be beneficial for the house and which will stop the black energy re-growing again.

6. The way to do the onsite process of transforming the black energies into white energies physically is as follows:

(a) you use one hand for either an angle iron or a pendulum and the other hand is free and the free hand is used in a shape of a circle process saying "transform this black energy into white energies". The other hand which has the dowsing tool or pendulum or rod is that if it is the rod the rod will swing inwards or outwards depending on your training which has taken place, the coming in or going out is the process of the connection which will then continue coming in or out as you are changing energies until you have reached the core and the angle iron or pendulum stops dead. This informs you then that the detrimental energy has been transformed into its core into white energies then you turn the other way and repeat down stream of the energies and you do the same process until you rod or pendulum stops, that will mean that you have changed it to where it has fizzled out. (b) You then ask the question "has this detrimental energy been changed into good energies now?, is there good energies here". If you have done it right it should say "yes" your pendulum or rod should go the way that you have trained yourself to know what your "yes" or "no" is.

Geopathic Stress Energies

What you need to know when helping a client to solve a problem.

Firstly, you must ask “may I, can I and should I” prior to doing anything. Then check your postitivity, you need to be at the very least 95% out of 100% before you can start. Once you have reached that level you can then continue. Useful tip is:- check to see if there is a good energy field in the area where you are working which you can go to if your energy drops and you need to recharge yourself with good energies. This is very important, and this procedure should be used in any of the following, water dowsing, earth energy dowsing, archaeology dowsing, dowsing for health.

The questions that you must ask clients when dealing with geopathic stress and also the symptoms thereof :- How long have they lived in that particular property? How many live within the property? How many suffer from “what particular” symptoms and when did these start? Detrimental energy symptoms can vary greatly. In some cases Black energies or bad energies can affect a persons personality, this can happen when they are working within a black or bad energy field, other symptoms can be, lack of energy and motivation, some people may not suffer from any affects but it depends on the person's sensitivity. The other important thing that the diviner needs to know prior to doing any of the subjects listed above plus other subjects not listed here, is, he needs to learn each subject off by heart so that his mind is like a computer and is able to visualise the subject in detail and understand it all.

For instance, there are many ways of getting rid of bad energy fields from a clients property. 1 method is to show the property on Google Earth maps and then dowse the site remotely for bad energies going through the property and its surroundings. The question “Is there any bad energy fields going through the property?” when asking the question, make sure your finger is in contact with the map on the screen. This gives you the connection to that part of the world. If you get a “Yes” answer then mark out the whole length of that bad energy field on the map, so that you should have 2 lines running parallel through the property indicating the bad energy field, one each side of the field. Once you have completed this stage, check the area again to see if there is another bad energy field running through the same property at a different angle. If so do the same procedure as you did with the first one. Assuming that there is no more than 2 bad energy fields, then you can create a shield of protection around the property to deflect the bad energy away from it.

This is done by using a colour code which you yourself have to create by asking which colour is needed to deflect the bad energy fields, i.e. select a crayon (of 1 colour each time) and ask “is this the correct colour to deflect and create the shield of protection for the property? Eventually you will get the answer “Yes” answer, You may have to use more than 1 colour, so ask after every colour “ is this now complete?” the yes or no answer will guide you to the next stage.

Once you have your colour code you need to ask “where is the bad energy coming from? and “where is it going to” (flow of energy) this will give you a guide as to where to start to place your shield of protection. The shield should be at least 4 times bigger than the property and its boundaries you are protecting. When you have a guide point, start the crayon to create a circular shield at the point where the bad energy enters the area to be protected, and to deflect the bad energy field from this area, thus creating an exclusion zone.

This is a basic introduction to map surveying remotely. There are many other methods which I will post to my website in due course.

There is another method which can be done remotely or on-site. If you do it remotely i.e. map surveying, you do have to be well qualified for this. The reason being that energies should not be toyed with. You need to be experienced and competent.

Again marking out, as above, the bad energy field, and where it enters the property. You then face the energy so that it flows towards you. Using one hand with a dowsing rod, and the other with the palm facing the energy, moving it in a clockwise circular motion, saying change this energy from black energy into good white energy right to its core, to where it is created and continue to do this until the dowsing rod stops moving. Then ask “Is this completed?” If yes then turn in the opposite direction, moving with the flow of energy, continue to follow and change bad to good until it eventually peters out. This can also be used on-site, just to confirm your remote findings.



During the past six months I have been researching ways of how to control radon gas and to see if there was a way of deflecting or moving radon gas from a critical area to a safe area. Not always possible if there is heavy population or buildings but in some cases it is possible. My client has the latest technology machine which gives the readings of radon gas on the property and yes radon ags can go very high and go very low, it is never stable. What I wanted to try and do was to bring it down from a high reading to a low reading and within the safety margins that is recognised as safe and the challenge for me is to keep at a safe level at all times. To do this I have had to check the radon gas area firstly by remote survey of the site to see if there is radon gas at the property in question also to find out what symptoms may be occurring with the people living in the property to see if there is any connection. So far I have managed to move the radon gas from A to B but not far enough away so my trials are still on going and I am making further site visits.


The process for this particular client for the trials was a map survey creating a shield of protection around the property as previously mentioned above. This process seemed to work and reduce the radon gas numbers quite sharply but it did seem to come back again a few days later and the readings returned to be high again. I tried several methods creating two and three circle shields around the clients property and this actually showed that the figures dropped down to as low as zero before coming back up again with in a couple of days. It is like as if the radon gas was eating what I had done by remote map surveying creating this invisible shield of protection.

The idea of it was to deflect the radon gas from the property and allow it to go around the property instead of through the property. So then I went on site and we used the old method of copper roads placed in the ground which was known to work in the past for moving energies and of course it did seem to work. We had to put over 450 of these rods in the ground.

On site we had already marked the area of the radon gas and once the copper rods were placed in the ground they seemed to work and the radon gas moved on the outside of the rods instead of through the rods and the meter readings again dropped dramatically to safe figures. We checked the property and found that the radon gas was in the walls in certain areas but over several hours was weakening which meant that the radon gas was being deflected from the outside and inside walls of the building. I thought that that was finished with and it had worked. I had a back up plan in case in didn't work which was to intercept the radon gas upstream by digging a trench into the rock which meant digging through heavy clays to release the radon gas before it reached the property. We still have not done this but we have found the radon gas is still getting through because when the property was built they had broken through the heavy clays which was stopping the radon gas from getting through and accidentally released the radon gas. This I believe is the reason why in this particular case we cannot solve the problem because the radon gas is travelling through from the north to the south through the property and that the heavy clays were dug out right into the rock releasing the radon gas regardless of us creating the outer shield.

I learned a lot from this experiment. It can still be sealed off but it has to be done inside the property and a membrane layer of protection needs to be laid down in the areas where the heavy clays were removed. This will be the only solution to this particular problem as the rock is bleeding out the radon gas. It is travelling through a fault from the north. Nobody was aware of this problem regarding radon gas in that particular area until I map surveyed the area and picked up the radon gas remotely and then it was confirmed on site using a meter reading of the radon gas.

This is what you need to know before your Proceed to Try and Control Radon Gas

Before you venture on any projects like this you must make sure that you understand and read up and be trained on radon gas or detrimental energies so that you are fully aware of the risks and what causes radon gas and what can be done to protect your home and property. Once you have picked up the radon gas with your remote surveying and you have drawn it out with coloured crayons following your personal colour code ( you need to experiment what colour code suits you personally for dealing with radon gas via remote surveying) to yourself on the Google earth map you then go to the site and then mark it out with surveyor flags indicating the direction that it is going, where it is coming from and going to on the property, and also the width of the radon gas, this way we then know the direction it is taking. Very often the colour code affects the numbers and bringing the numbers down nearer to the safe region. Once this is completed we then have to find a way of intercepting the radon gas on site and deflect it from the building.

My trials are still ongoing but I am fairly confident that we will complete and find out the answer and reduce or deflect the radon gas from the property which would then help the health of the people living in it.

As far as I am aware no one has managed to succeed in moving the radon gas from area to another.

Further updates will follow once the trials have been completed later this year and we are satisfied that we have managed to deflect the radon gas and push the boundaries of research.

If anyone is interested in learning the art of geopathic stress and locating radon gas or changing or transforming detrimental energies from bad energies into energies I take teaching classes on this subject. Please contact me via telephone or email for further information.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic is taken from two words;

geo meaning earth, and pathos meaning suffering.

It refers to situations where living creatures suffer ill health due to various energies emanating from the earth.

It is often involved in the problem described as 'sick house syndrome'. But not all sick houses are caused by geopathic stress. There are many other other problems that can cause illness in the occupants, electro-magnetic energy produced by generators or fuse boxes for instance, or various types of chemical pollutants.

When a person suffers geopathic stress it can be down many different types of energy, some unfortunate occupants encounter several different types all overlapping each other within the house. If the person sleeps or sits for long periods, or does day to day chores around the home in the area encompassed by these energies, then they can begin to suffer. It is worth mentioning here that some people are more sensitive to geopathic stress than others. There can be a situation were two people are living in the same house and only one person is affected by geopathic stress. This means that people suffering from geopathic stress may feel that they are being hypochondriacs, and that it is all in the mind. In those sensitive to geopathic stress their immune symptoms must work harder to keep them well, and eventually it stops coping. When the sufferer then turns to any sort of practitioner whether it be homeopathic, their GP, or other therapies, the medicine either has no effect, or produces some effect followed by a relapse, simply because the immune system is unable to work on healing the body whilst it is coping with protecting itself from the geopathic stress.

What are the symptoms of geopathic stress?

Feeling low and tired. Feeling depressed. Mood changes when a person is in the affected area for long periods of time. This may not occur not straight away; it can take many years before the person is worn down enough for these symptoms to appear. Also since geopathic stress is continuously bombarding the body and wearing down the immune system, it aggravates any minor ailments that you get, and over time can cause more serious illnesses. It is not only humans who suffer from geopathic stress, animals, trees and plants will all show signs of illness if placed in detrimental energy fields.

Detrimental earth energies come in many guises, sometimes they originate from quarries which throw invisible beams across the land for several miles. They travel through the properties they hit causing geopathic stress. Spiral energies coming from the earth itself, whether vertical or horizontal can be a source of geopathic stress. Radon gas is another situation, and  Methane gas which can seep through the ground itself. Geopathic stress  can either be built up within the house or travel from outside through the house.

These are the major problems which may occur in properties. It doesn't matter if the property is old or new, if it has been built in the path of detrimental energy it will still affect the property if the person is sensitive.

What can be done to remedy geopathic stress?

Personally I feel that the ability to both detect and interact with these energies is a gift given by God to be used for the benefit of everyone. Most dowsers are sensitive and if they are aware of the situation they can find a solution to the problem.  Eighty percent of what we do as dowsers in situations of geopathic stress is covered by the intent. The remaining twenty percent is the actual physical action of the dowser such as for instance, attending the site where the problem is. Personally I prefer to work off-site, and I know many other dowsers share this preference. Dowsers are sensitive to geopathic stress, and so it is unhealthy for them to be constantly visiting sites bathed in detrimental energies.

 My preferred way of working myself is by doing a map search, finding the problem with the property either by a plan of the house or a Google earth aerial photograph of the property. Once I have located the problem which is affecting the client I can then look at my colour coding system and create a seal to protect the property from these harmful situations. Within seconds of completing the seal, the atmosphere within the property will change. For instance if it was electric magnetic field going through the property once the seal is completed the electric magnetic field goes around the property instead of through the property giving the client peace. It will take time for the client to recover but in my experience they do recover and reasonably quickly. I have got references to back this up from clients.

Bad Energies

Bad energies are a massive subject. I suggest, to get a fuller understanding, you should buy a book on the subject. Once again I shall give you a few simple tips on how to protect yourself. Firstly always ask 'May I, Can I and should I'. If the rod or pendulum indicate no heed the warning. It may be protecting you from potential harm. Seek a professional, or more experienced dowser for help in this field. We are all different. Some people can live in bad energies and feel no ill effects, whereas others will be susceptible to the bad energies. One form of bad energy you may not recognise are misguided spirits. Not all spirits or ghosts are bad, just the occasional one can cause problems. In some cases they can latch on to you  and you can take them home unknowingly and they will drain you as they use up your energy.Personally I always map dowse the building or area first and then before I go to the site I protect myself by strengthening my aura and saying a prayer.

Transforming bad energy into good.

It is possible to change bad energy into good energy. The way that I do it is by visualising the bad energy as black and visualising good energy as white. I then transform the bad energy into good. This can be done either by map dowsing or on site. However you do need to have good knowledge and experience before attempting this. I am currently working on a new project which hopefully will be completed this year. It involves working with radon gas, which can be harmful in heavy concentrations, especially if you have it beneath your building. This project involves transformation of the radon gas.


Providing you get the full permissions from a higher being such as god or the angels asking “May I”, “Can I”, “Should I” and go through the procedures again such as how positive you are and then ask the question “Am I more than 50%”, “Am I more than 60%” until it stops. If you get to 90% that means you will be 90% accurate in your dowsing. Not many manage get to 100% so 90% upwards is fine to continue. If you get a NO on “May I”, “Can I”, and “Should I” then you should not continue. You can have natural good energy spirals, sometimes they are good sometimes they are not good. If they are not good then they can affect the human being.

I help my group at our monthly metings to learn how to create good energy spirals and also how to find good energy spirals which will be beneficial to the human being. We can still do the map survey before going onto site to see what type of energies are on the site before we make a visit.

It is possible to change black energy spirals or bad energy spirals depending on the term and phrase you consider appropriate these can be changed remotely and then go to the site to confirm that you have done it right. Again it is all to do with visualising the energies you are creating or seeking to find. I consider black energies as bad energies detrimental to me or to other humans. I have trained myself to be that way and that white energy spirals are good energy spirals. The size of the spiral, especially if you are doing it remotely, needs to start in the centre of the property that you want to help but please find out before you do this which way your spiral of good energy will go, for me it is anti clockwise. This is for good energy spirals and if the energy spiral is a bad energy spiral for me it goes clockwise, so creating a good energy spiral after having permission you need to create the spiral at least three times greater than the size of the property by either doing this remotely or being on site.

When you have completed the remote or site survey ask the Client to let you know how he feels in a few days time, this will be a way of knowing whether or not it has worked for your Client. You can even do it for yourself if you want to experiment at home as long as you follow the procedures above. Providing you have got the permissions you ask the pendulum or the angle irons what colour would be suitable for the good energy spiral. The colour of the spiral varies for each person doing this remotely by using google earth and use the colour code that has shown up when you get the answer of which colour you are to use for that type of spiral. You can also get, providing again that you get permission, healing spirals which it is said heals and is beneficial to the human being as well.